What "Sparked" SparkFire? - The Story Behind SparkFire Active

Posted: May 26 2016

Sparking from the idea of Strong Girls=Strong World, SparkFire encourages today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders. We believe wholeheartedly that a small spark can start a huge fire! That is why our new line of performance activewear helps teen girls gear up, get out and be the spark of light, energy and activism with their friends, teammates, community and girls everywhere. We believe that when girls feel comfortable in their bodies and confident in their world, they ignite a fire, make a bright light, and illuminate the path of others with strength, passion and boldness. SparkFire girls are prepared for anything, always ready to step off the sidelines and get their game on.

SparkFire Active in the making


SparkFire Active was inspired by our Founder & Chief FireStarter, Samantha Hodgkins, and her own two SparkFire girls, her daughters. “They’re girls who think the whole world is ahead of them…they [are] feisty, strong, boisterous, smart, spunky and so much more.”

SparkFire Active is a business run FOR GIRLS, BY GIRLS. Inspired by girls and women around the world who are courageously following their dreams, fighting for their rights, and standing up for what what they believe in, Sparkfire Active aims to ignite a spark in every girl, encouraging them to PLAY HARD-DREAM BIG, in support of educating, elevating and empowering girls everywhere.

We know that every girl has a fire within, ready to ignite with strength, confidence, and passion. With this spark, each girl can use their inner SparkFire to light the way for others -- helping her friends, peers and girls around the world aspire to be the best they can be.  Our performance activewear is set to inspire girls to get out in the world...to move, play, lead, create, share, inspire, and smile!

Share your SPARK moments with us on social media using #BeTheSpark and check out what other SparkFire Girls are doing to SPARK IT FORWARD!


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