We Are SparkFire Active! - Why We Are More Than Just An Activewear Brand

Posted: Jun 20 2016

SparkFire Active is born out of a set of core calls-to-action that we believe not only stand for the SparkFire Active brand, but also the personal brand of SparkFire Girls everywhere!

 Let Your Light Shine:

    • SparkFire girls are real girls, full of true natural beauty that isn’t created on Photoshop or styled by unattainable images of perfection. We aren’t trying to be beautiful or perfect like someone else but, real and special like ourselves! No two Sparkfire girls are alike and we applaud that! As females, we share a collective energy which, in turn, connects us to the BIGGER SparkFire tribe. Who is a SparkFire Girl? She’s your spunky, strong and creative friend who may be quietly introspective some days, then crazy, boisterous on others.  She’s always strong and resilient, and her light illuminates the way for others.

 Use Your Voice:

    • We spark Strong, Smart, Daring, Kind, Brave, Creative, Fierce, Awesome, and so much more. We know our own strength and unique power. It’s up to us to tell our own stories and share them with others. Because when we speak out… in voice, action or creative expression… we blaze a path and shine a bright light.
 Play HARD. Dream BIG:
    • SparkFire Girls live with passion & heart, always ready to step off the sidelines and get their game on (wherever that may be : on the court, the field, the trails, the studio, the stage...). Whether we’re trying something brand new that scare us a little or deepening our skills in an area of on-going expertise, we work hard, dig deep, practice lots, do our best, and know that anything is possible. When we feel confident on the inside, we radiate on the outside. We’re bold. We’re brave. We’re fierce and fearless. We dare to be different and make a difference. SparkFire Active performance wear helps girls move freely and feel confident, designed for life in motion. SparkFire girls play harder, dream bigger and are always ready to ignite!
 Strong Girls = Strong World:
    • Girls are a force… of energy, voice, collective spirit and heart-felt camaraderie. And today’s girls are tomorrow’s leaders. We believe that education plays the most imperative role in empowering women and building a stronger world. And that every girl has the right to go to school, stay in school and reach her full potential. What’s the most effective way to positively impact lives? That’s right, educate women!
 Spark It Forward:
    • We believe that the tiniest spark can make a HUGE impact in igniting opportunity, growth and empowerment in a girl’s life. How do we make sure this happens? We partner with like-minded organizations that are working at a grass-roots level to elevate and empower girls through education. When you purchase SparkFire Active, you Spark It Forward to make a direct and significant difference!
    • All of our beliefs are founded on one overarching mission: #BeTheSpark to yourself - stand strong, play hard, dream big, and never be afraid to be YOU. #BeTheSpark to your peers, friends, teammates - support and encourage each other, ignite your inner flame to lead, use your voice to spark change and ignite a fire in those around you. #BeTheSpark to girls everywhere - you can make a difference for girls around the world, with education as a key.

Share your spark moments with us using #BeTheSpark and check out what other SparkFire girls are doing around the world!


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