Giving Back and Serving Others

Posted: Jul 31 2015

Hey there SparkFire Girls,

I’ve been in Girl Scouts since 2nd grade and have used it as an outlet for so many things.  New friends have come into my life through Girl Scouts and I don’t know where I would be today without their love and support.  I do at least one service project a month with my troop.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing that I have benefited someone while having a good time and feeling passionate about what I am doing.

(Hands On Atlanta service project - painting ceiling tiles for the dual immersion elementary students)

I try to partake in at least one service project a month.  My favorites include MedShare and any service opportunity at Girl Scout Camp Timber Ridge.  MedShare is a non-profit organization in Decatur, GA where medical supplies that have damaged packaging that cannot be used in hospitals is repackaged and shipped to third world countries.  For example, during the major Ebola outbreak, my troop along with many others packaged necessary hygiene products such as gauze, gloves, drapes, and syringes.  Another time we were only sorting medical supplies for general surgeries for later packaging. At Camp Timber Ridge, my troop and other scouts have done projects ranging from making a CTR logo that can be seen on Google Maps and from other satellite photographs out of rocks to checking to make sure all of the fire extinguishers are in working condition.  That is just to name a few projects; I’ve done many more!

My goal in life is to aid as many people as possible, and I will never stop until I believe I have done so.  There is so much that people can do to help without being on the front lines of a situation, so I encourage all readers to find service work in your area and help out of a few hours on a weekend and see if you find a passion.  

So get out there, get active and share your time & talents, SparkFire girls! Do what makes you feel like a spark.  Do what you love.  Follow your dreams, and find your passion!

Be the Spark.



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