How I SPARK Active

Posted: Jul 23 2015

Hi SparkFire Girls,

What do you enjoy doing to get out & be active? My favorite after-school activity is swim team.  It helps me unwind while feeling strong after spending 7 hours in a desk.  Working all of my muscles at once and being in the water makes me feel confident and powerful.  My times are getting faster every year, and I believe that 60 minutes or more daily of exercise improves my body and my mood.  But that is just me.  Maybe you think swimming is boring or exercise isn’t your passion.  That is alright!  Be your own person.

Another way I like to be active is to hike and spend time outdoors.  Growing up in the South, I have gotten to know the outdoors very well.  A stroll around my neighborhood or a hike at a  Georgia State Park is always a great source of fun rather than sitting inside watching television in the dark to me.  Georgia weather is often pleasant in the fall, winter, and spring and very hot in the summer, but that never stops me and my friends for going on walks together and having a lovely time.

So get out there and get active, SparkFire girls! Do what makes you SPARK.  Do what you love.  Follow your dreams, and find your passion!

Be the Spark!



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