Music: The Universal Language

Posted: Jul 30 2015

Music. Everyone around the world listens to music. There's so many types and artist that makes music something that everyone can't help but love. I personally listen to music everyday, even now as I'm writing this blog post. I have songs for when I'm sad or happy, basically just for every emotion. It helps me get through my day no matter what's happening. Music also brings people together. I met my now best friend because we had the same interest in music. We both were going to the One Direction concert and for weeks leading up to it that's all we talked about.

My favorite type of music is alternative/ indie. I love soft quiet music that makes you think but I also love a good tune that makes you want to dance. That's the beauty of music; you don't have to settle for one type. Whatever music you like helps you express different sides of yourself. Since it's summer, I'll leave you with a few of my favorite summer jams.

1. Dazzle- Oh Wonder
2. The Girl- City and Colour
3. Stitches- Shawn Mendes
4. Going Nowhere- Fifth Harmony
5. Home- Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros

Stay jammin,


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