My Zones : Comfort - Stretch - Panic

Posted: Aug 01 2016

Hey there, SparkFire Girls!

I am in a club called Outward Bound and our topic for the day today was: Panic, Stretch, and Comfort Zones. I realized that just about everyone is afraid of change and is at least a little worried when they're put in a new environment. The idea of a 'Comfort Zone', for me, is being in control of my surroundings and being around people I know. My 'Stretch Zone' is having people I am not close to in my personal space and not being a leader of my group. Having to step down and have one of my peers tell me what to do is a bit unnerving, but I always make the best of it and try to go with the flow. My 'Panic Zone' is definitely silence. Not only do I feel that I can't function without some kind of noise, but being ignored sends me into panic. I always love new challenges and being around new people, which I believe is a great quality to have and not always the case for most people I know. 

But what about you? What do you define as your Comfort Zone? Stretch Zone? Panic Zone? My challenge for all of you amazing SparkFire Girls is to step out of your comfort zone and try something that may be difficult at first and will stretch you to try new things. Trust me, it will be rewarding in the end - I promise! If your activity sends you into your panic zone then maybe try something less extreme first and work your way up to that point. Make wise choices, and see what it takes to make yourself happy!

          “It is our choices that show what we truly are; far more than our abilities”  -- Albus Dumbledore

Be the Spark!

-- Hope


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