Behind The Brand: What Kindled the SparkFire Flame Girl?

Posted: Oct 17 2016


SparkFire ecofriendly activewear for teen girls empowerment fashion

Love how SparkFire Active celebrates the strength & power of teen girls, but wondering how the SparkFire Flame Girl came to life? Well, here’s the inside story on what kindled this fierce flame.

Our SparkFire Flame Girl logo was inspired by outdoor adventures and explorations with girlfriends. Picture a campfire in the middle of the woods, on a mountaintop or a beach, with a group of friends (new & old) after a full day of physical exertion and refreshing inspiration in nature. Glowing embers, starting with a small spark, build to a roaring fire; heat emanates from the flames as bursts of light in different hues (orange, yellow, blue, red) crackle and brighten the surrounding darkness; kinetic energy shoots off glimmering sparks. The fire roars and captivates.

outdoor adventures exploration for teen girlsAround the fire, friends circle together, tired, sweaty, and sore, but laughing, sharing stories, and reflecting on their experiences from the day’s adventures. When friends come together -- new and old -- we see more deeply into ourselves and each other. This is the image upon which SparkFire Active was built - it’s our guiding light in igniting the inner fire within all girls.

SparkFire is born out of my love for all things nature -- hiking, backcountry skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, camping, and adventure traveling,” said SparkFire Active Founder Samantha Hodgkins. “And the strength, confidence and energy that I have found in myself as a woman being active and adventurous in the world.”

Favorite places welcome us back, while new adventures push our limits. Bodies grow stronger & healthier, and nervous energy meets new-found confidence. We feel exhilaration during the outdoor activities themselves, along with camaraderie and reflection about the experience afterward.

campfire outdoor adventures exploration for teen girls empowerment

All around the world, in every country and every civilization, tribes of people continue to come together around fire to celebrate, praise, heal, strengthen, restore, re-fuel, and commune. Campfires serve as the meeting place -- they have shaped human behavior and storytelling. That is why at SparkFire Active, we believe that a small spark can light a great fire when stories are shared and memories are made -- basking in the light of those fire embers that flicker, spark, and shine bright.

SparkFire ecofriendly activewear for teen girls empowerment Kate Parkerfashion

Our SparkFire Flame Girl personifies how girls are a bright SPARK, a force… of energy, voice, spirit and camaraderie. Like a flame, girls are bold, brave, fierce, fearless, and dauntless. Like a flame, girls dare to be uniquely different and make a difference. They are powered by an inner fire that’s bright enough to illuminate the path of others.

Like a fire burning bright, girls are fun, energetic, spunky, active, strong, creative, boisterous, kind and quirky. Many days they may be loud, bold, and brave; other days, quietly introspective. Sometimes they’re confident and they’re always unique. No matter what, girls are always strong and resilient, just like a flame, with a light that shines for others.

SparkFire ecofriendly activewear for teen girls empowerment fashion Kate Parker

When you ‘spark’ something, it comes from within you and it spreads energy.  At SparkFire Active, we believe girls SPARK Strong, Smart, Daring, Kind, Brave, Creative, Fierce, Awesome, and so much more. As girls, we know our strength, we own our power, and we use our voice. We all have a story to tell and others to share it with. Not perfect or beautiful like the image of someone else; just real, special, and authentically YOU-nique like each of us. Because of this, our SparkFire Flame Girl logo celebrates and encourages girls to be exactly who they are, today and every day. SparkFire ecofriendly activewear for teen girls empowerment fashion Kate Parker


We’re SparkFire Girls, and we’re ready to ignite.  We hope that each time you see at our SparkFire Flame Girl image, you’re inspired to get out there and Move, Play, Lead, Create, Share, Inspire, Smile…

teen girl empowerment

As the symbol and visual leader of our SparkFire Tribe, our logo is more than just ‘Flame Girl’-- she deserves a name. Because SparkFire Active is created FOR Girls, BY Girls, we want YOU to help name her. What should we call her? We want you to bring her to life and give her a name, SparkFire Tribe! Let Your Light Shine and Use Your Voice! To tell us your ideas, head to our Instagram at @SparkFireActive, click on our latest post of our logo and leave your comment! We’ll pick from your ideas and announce the winner! Be as creative as possible, letting us know what you think our Flame Girl truly stands for & represents.

Good luck and we’re looking forward to seeing what your bright minds come up with!

Let Your Light Shine - Be The Spark!


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