Change in Seasons - Reflections by Tiera, SparkFire Ignitor

Posted: Oct 21 2016

Hey Sparkfire Girls!

It's Tiera here again, reflecting on the changes I'm noticing in life. As autumn begins, the nights will draw cooler, the trees more colorful, and the holiday season will soon find its way into our lives! But as we enter this change in season, it is key for us to remember that it is just that: a change. 

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Change, in it's purest form, is inevitable (contrary to popular belief). Often we try to control our lives and what our future holds but naturally, our world does not function in that way. It is undeniably difficult to process this reality; it personally took me many years. I had to alter my perspective on change and I would like to share how I did just this...on a daily basis, (1) challenge your limits, (2) take mindful risks, and (3) keep your dreams big.

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As you work on doing this, you will begin to see how you change by personally growing. Remember this as you continue on your journey, both inside and outside of school. Imagine the impact you can have. I BELIEVE IN YOU and the world is waiting for you to blossom!

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 Be the Spark!



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