Create Your Own "SparkList": New Bucket List for Teen Girls

Posted: Aug 03 2017

Hey SparkFire Girls,

We’ve been thinking about things that make us Play HardDream Big, and how creating a "SparkList" can be the small spark that ignites those dreams to become reality. We are looking at a new take on the traditional bucket list ideas for teenagers.

Traditional ‘Bucket Lists’ take many different forms. Some, like summer bucket lists for girls, are created to cover a short period of time. These include specific experiences teen girls, for example, may want to have over a few months. Other bucket lists span longer time frames and can be quite detailed. For instance, you might be writing a 20 x 20 teen bucket list (calling-out the 20 things, big and small, you want to accomplish before you turn 20) or a full-on, before-you-die bucket list.

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 But our notion of a SparkList seizes the bucket list notion and shines a new light on it.

Not only do we list things we want to do or experience, we add our own unique “SPARK” that let’s our own light shine. So we create something a bit different than the typical "go to Alaska" or "write a book" bucket list fare.

SparkLists dig a little deeper because, let's face it, SparkFire Girls think, feel, share and dream more boldly.

SparkLists don’t simply bullet-point experiences SparkFire girls hope someday to have – they are an audacious, inspiring, deeply personal set of dreams & aspirations that nudge us forward in life as we achieve them. Because we know that a small spark can start a great fire!

Sound intriguing? 

Uncertain how to start creating *your* SparkList?  That’s OK!

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We’ve got some questions to help get you in the frame of mind to launch your SparkList:

  • What have you hesitated to try out and take on? From trying a new sport to volunteering in an area that you’ve had no prior experience, consider what you have always wanted to do, but have been timid or hesitant about trying. As you start your SparkList, give yourself permission to explore ideas you previously told yourself "weren't your thing." Let Your Light Shine!
  • What part of your personality is hidden away? To live fully, we need to really live into who we are – and all that is YOU-nique about ourselves. And to lean into our true selves, we start by exploring our passions. What have you always been curious about? What have you longed to try? From learning a new language to visiting a foreign country--add it to your SparkList! Use Your Voice!
  • What do you want your legacy to be? Are you passionate about women’s rights and girls’ equal opportunity? Are you a music lover who believes everyone should have a chance to learn and experience the power of it, too? Consider what mark you want to make and how you might begin working toward creating that legacy now. Whether it's writing a book, working toward changing/passing a law, or meeting a famous activist or athlete, adding this item to your SparkList will help light the match that ignites your dream to become reality. Be the Spark!

What do you think? Is your brain whirling and your creativity ignited? Get started and create a SparkList of your own!

Be The Spark!

Samantha, Chief FireStarter


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