Fearless Vs. Fearful: Say “Yes” To New Adventures & Overcome Fears

Posted: Nov 03 2016

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Hey SparkFire Girls! It's Grace again, sharing some personal thoughts about my everyday fears and how I work to face & overcome them.

I'll admit, I'm afraid of many things but I work hard to try to hide my fears. I am afraid of almost all of your typical things i.e. heights, spiders, bugs, the dark, large dogs, and the list goes on. However, in my life, I try to ignore my fears and look at the world as if I’m actually fearless. I have so many ambitions and places I want to go, all of these fears sometimes hold me back from doing what I really want to do.

So far in my life, there has never been a time when I have actually conquered my fears, but I have come close. One of my biggest fears is heights. Airplanes, helicopters, ski lifts, and anything else that moves above the ground. During spring break vacation my friend, Lane and I traveled to Puerto Rico.  If you are not familiar with the island, here are some things you should know…

  • The capital (and the place where I stayed) is San Juan
  • The main languages are Spanish and English
  • It has both amazing beaches as well as a mountainous rainforest

When discussing our plans for the trip my friend suggested we do something fun while her family goes on a walking tour of the city.  Our conversation went something like this…

“What do you want to do in San Juan?” - Lane

“Well, we could go on a food tour, or go snorkeling” -Me

“Or zip lining in the mountains” -Lane (Jokingly knowing I was afraid of heights.)

“Um of course! Who doesn’t love mountains?” -Me (Joking back.)

Well, you might get the gist of what is going to happen next, but I’ll tell you anyway.  

Lane signed us up for ZIP LINING.

Obviously not getting my joke, Lane signed us up to zip line through the rainforest, which I didn’t find out about until the day of. This experience helped me deal with my fear of heights; I embraced my predicament and tried to enjoy myself as best as possible. While I can’t claim that my fear of heights in any way shape or form was conquered, I can say I said “yes” to this new and challenging experience.

Overcome Your Fears

Today, I challenge you to just say “yes” to something that normally freaks you out. Volunteer to go first when presenting a project, choose a window seat on your next airplane ride, say yes to holding the snake the next time you’re at the zoo. SparkFire Active is all about inspiring girls to make a change. Make a change in yourself, don’t shy away from things that make you afraid. Make sure to post a picture on Instagram of you conquering a fear you have and use the hashtag #BeTheSpark for a chance to be featured on the @SparkFireActive Instagram page.  

Spark Fearlessness,



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