Happy Fall, Y’all: Tips to Staying Active in Cooler Weather

Posted: Sep 22 2016

Stay Active in the Fall

Hey SparkFire Girls!

It’s officially the last day of Summer, so you know what that means? FALL! Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love the beautiful reds and oranges of the leaves, carving pumpkins, fuzzy sweaters, warm drinks, bonfires...well, you get the point! However, the one thing that always bugs me during fall is, as the weather gets colder, I always have a hard time figuring out what to do with my free time. Go on a run? No, it’s too cold. Carve a pumpkin? Nope, I don’t have any pumpkins yet. It seems like I am always finding excuses to be lazy. If you find yourself also making excuses like this, here are some ways to conquer your laziness and enjoy the crisp fall weather.


One of my favorite times of year to run is in the fall. However, I always find that when I go out to run, I am always too cold or too hot! I can never find the right balance. Some tips to stay at a cool temperature is first to layer, layer, layer. Start with a pair of leggings and running shoes. Then, add a long or short sleeve dry-fit shirt (I love the SPARK CLEVER long-sleeve from SparkFire Active - it’s got thumbholes and is semi-fitted for easy moving!) Add a vest if it’s warmer and a pullover/ earmuffs if it’s on the colder side.

Spark Clever - Long Sleeve


Something that I love to do on a cold day is paint. Sticking to the Fall theme, something easy to paint (and also super cute) are mini pumpkins! You can buy mini pumpkins from your local grocery store or hardware store. To get started, grab some paint and a friend (or two) and start creating! This craft is relatively inexpensive and super easy-- perfect for a lowkey girl’s night at home!

Fall Crafts


Another fun fall idea is to go on a picnic! I have a huge park right by my house and, since the weather has cooled (a little), I take my dog to the down there all the time. The last time I went, my dog and I met up with my friend and her dog. Coco and Rocky (our dogs) played while we ate our picnic (with plenty of treats for the dogs as well!) I love picnics because I get to spend time in nature while doing one of my favorite things… eating. :)

Active Fall | Take Dog For Walk

Fall is a great time to go outside without sweating buckets! So, this October and November, don’t forget to spend time outside even if it’s just for an hour a day! And remember, the outdoors is always more fun with a friend! (4-legged or otherwise).  


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