INTRODUCING: CRYSTAL - Our Newest SparkFire Ignitor

Posted: Sep 27 2016

Hi, SparkFire Girls!

My name is Crystal -- I’m 15 years old, and I’m currently a high school sophomore in Massachusetts. Last year, I came to America as an exchange student from China. I am excited about being able to write & share on the blog as a SparkFire Ignitor!

One of my biggest passion is video and photo editing. I’m in the backstage crew at school. I love the feeling of being backstage and seeing the show go well. I always believe that you don’t have to be in the spotlight to feel like it. I also love traveling or just spending time in nature. Different places and cultures are eye-opening and make me see what the world is like. You can find some sort of similarities in every culture, and the sense of belonging always make me feel comfort.

My other passion is volunteering, especially for the education of people who don’t have the privilege. For example, children with special needs, children in the orphanage and girls from countries that don’t treat education for girls as important or valuable. This past February, I went on a service trip to Peru where I met girls from Sacred Valley Project. I was inspired by their spirit and desire to learn. After coming back, I want to do my best to help. That’s how I found SparkFire Active and I’m so happy to be a part of it to share my story.

I have lots of stories to share about giving back and speaking up for ourselves. In my next SparkFire Ignitor blog, I will share more about my personal experiences with the girls at Sacred Valley Project in Peru, and about how they remind me of real experiences with schools in China. More to come!

Be the Spark!



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