Katherine Shai of LuchaFIT Paves the Way for Female Athletes

Posted: Aug 31 2017

Wrestle Like A Girl camp team women wrestling
"LuchaFIT has been inspired by many years of competing as an elite female athlete in a traditionally male-dominated sport, and my desire to give back knowledge to other women and girls! I think the information available for girls and how they can advance themselves in sport and in their own lives is absurdly lacking, and these ladies need a place they can feel free to ask questions and get information that makes sense to them!" 
In Spanish, "Lucha" has several meanings: 
#1: To struggle
#2: To fight
#3: To wrestle


"Follow along with the SparkFire Ignitor blog here over the next 3 weeks as I share my personal story about the body image challenges I worked through in my early years as a high school athlete starting in the sport; the learnings I gained of how every body is designed for unique power, strength and ability; and the confidence I developed when I realized & embraced my true strengths (not really weaknesses at all!)."

Introducing Katherine Shai, our featured SparkFire Ignitor of the month:

Katherine (Fulp-Allen) Shai was raised in a wrestling family very involved in the women's wrestling movement. Her father was a three time Olympian in wrestling, her mother a successful gymnastics coach and women's wrestling advocate, and her sister a fellow women’s wrestling National Team member.

Katherine Shai Olympic Women's Wrestler of LuchaFIT

"My family's involvement in wrestling started with my Dad Lee Allen, a 1956, 1960, and 1980 Olympian. Our whole Fulp-Allen family has been involved in women's wrestling since the 1980's, when my father, Lee, created the first all-female World Team Trials tournament at Vallejo High School in California.  Since then, we have been involved at every level of female wrestling, competition, coaching, and advocacy."

Katherine has been a member of the USA Wrestling National Team for over 5 years and wants to dedicate her life to empowering youth, especially girls. She is a board member for the non-profit Wrestle Like a Girl, and started LuchaFIT to empower female athletes through education and her experiences as a professional athlete. She has a strong passion for developing women’s wrestling and highlighting the capabilities all female athletes exude.  

Katherine Shai Olympic Women's Wrestler of LuchaFIT

As a certified personal trainer, Katherine works to share her message with young women, especially a body-positive message reminding girls & women that there is no ONE body type for athletes and that each of our bodies are powerful, strong and uniquely beautiful. LuchaFIT is one of many endeavors Katherine has begun as her way to spread awareness and gain traction in the world of women & girls in wrestling and other sports. 

Katherine Shai Olympic Women's Wrestler of LuchaFIT 

Katherine believes that SparkFire has a great connection with getting young women & girls active and is sending a passionate message! "I am excited to partner and create something amazing! And...LuchaFIT's logo looks like a little flame too -- knowing that every girl is ready to SPARK with strength, confidence and passion -- so what a perfect marriage!"

Be The Spark!

Katherine Shai

U.S. Women's Wrestling Team Olympic Alternate, Founder of LuchaFIT and Board Member at Wrestle Like A Girl

Katherine Shai Olympic Women's Wrestler of LuchaFITLuchaFIT women wrestling logo


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