Our Founder Samantha's Story behind the SPARK!

Posted: Nov 25 2017

SparkFire founder Samantha Hodgkins & daughters

I am the mother of 2 daughters, Payton and Tamara…they are my SparkFire Girls. They are girls who think the whole world is ahead of them. They are brimming with confidence, courage, boldness, creativity, energy, passion, optimism and a whole unique range of skills, abilities and experiences. But as they grow through their teenage years, they also face all sorts of pressures, demands and insecurities. Everywhere she looks, she is surrounded by images of unattainable “perfection” and unrealistic “beauty”. In fact, by the time girls are 14 years old, they are dropping out of sports are 6x the rate of boys.

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 My girls are growing up with sports and active adventures, and living in casual sports clothes as their daily wardrobe. My own daughter Payton started wanting to raid my closet and shop for activewear with me. But activewear clothing today doesn’t fit them right - it’s not sized for their developing bodies or styled for their teen tastes, no longer little girls wearing youth sizes and not yet fully grown women wearing adult styles. SparkFire Active was created & designed specially for her, to feel confident, comfortable and ready to gear up & get out for every adventure and workout.

 We know that being active goes far beyond looking good; it is about feeling strong, inside & out. Being active helps girls connect together, learn about the power of a team, take risks, test their limits, and feel comfortable and confident in their bodies, minds and hearts. It acts as a springboard for where they can go and what they want to do in their lives. 

campfire adventures with girl friends

SparkFire Active was inspired by outdoor adventures and explorations with girlfriends. Picture a campfire in the middle of the woods, on a mountaintop or a beach, with a group of friends (new & old) after a full day of physical exertion and refreshing inspiration in nature. Glowing embers, starting with a small spark, build to a roaring fire; heat emanates from the flames as bursts of light in different hues (orange, yellow, blue, red) crackle and brighten the surrounding darkness; kinetic energy shoots off glimmering sparks. The fire roars and captivates. When friends come together, we see more deeply into ourselves and each other. This is the image upon which SparkFire Active was built - it’s our guiding light in igniting the inner fire within all girls. SparkFire is born out of my love for all things nature -- hiking, backcountry skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, camping, and adventure traveling. And the strength, confidence and energy that I have found in myself as a woman being active and adventurous in the world.

SparkFire is created and powered BY girls, FOR girls. These girls  -- real girls, not models or celebrities – get to use their voice and let their light shine. Beyond all else, my passion is to help girls grow strong, confident and bold in knowing her strength, owning her power, and using her voice to help elevate today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders. Isn’t that what the world really needs?

 So SparkFire Girls, get out there and move, play, lead, create, share, inspire, smile…and BE THE SPARK!

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  • Posted by Sheri West on August 14, 2018

    Very inspiring story and guiding mission!

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