Play Hard, Dream Big: How to Be BOLD & Lead Your Own Path

Posted: Sep 12 2016


It’s a word we hear frequently to describe things, and yet not enough of us use those four letters to describe ourselves.

Unless, you’re a SparkFire Girl.

SparkFire Girls may not always feel completely confident (who does, right?), but they recognize striving for anything less than full-on bold living means a life not entirely experienced...a black-and-white life without sparks of brilliant unique color.

SparkFire Girls possess the power to spot the B.O.L.D. in themselves and others. They know the feeling is always inside them waiting to be ignited and are able to see that same spark in their peers.

SparkFire Girls recognize that when they feel uncertain or vulnerable, this isn’t a permanent state. They know how to embrace those emotions and move through them to the other side.

SparkFire Girls are always ready to launch the next big adventure or begin planning a creative, quirky new project. They’re B.O.L.D.

Still uncertain if you’ve got the spark of BOLD inside of you?

Here’s a quick way to find out for yourself! A BOLD SparkFire Girl...

Blazes trails. SparkFire Girls don’t wait around for things to happen or for paths to be paved. They boldly break new ground, blazing the trail and creating what they seek (even if others say it can’t be done!). SparkFire Girls, like all of us, may have moments of hesitation starting out on the trail to follow their passion, but remind themselves that others, with similar sparks, will join along the way.

Explores on the path. Bold, adventurous SparkFire Girls don’t wait for life to happen to them! They’re eager to explore and seek adventure. They believe, even though taking the first step can be scary, life is a great journey, a big adventure. SparkFire Girls are ready to live life fearlessly and in brilliant color.

Lives fearlessly. Sure, SparkFire Girls feel nervous or fearful at times -- everyone does. Bold, courageous SparkFire Girls, however, don’t let this fear stop them. They plunge forward recognizing that breaking new ground always comes with a tinge of uncertainty and excitement. SparkFire Girls embrace this feeling and move ahead -- together.

Doesn’t let anything hold them back. A SparkFire Girl may be bold in the way she embraces life, but that doesn't mean she won’t encounter obstacles while reaching for her dreams. Roadblocks are everywhere -- SparkFire Girls overcome them. They see challenges as opportunities, never wanting to stop learning and having the confidence to solve any problem – big or small!

Because SparkFire Girls are a force… of energy, voice, collective spirit and heart-felt camaraderie. We’re BOLD. We’re BRAVE. We’re FIERCE and FEARLESS. We dare to be different and make a difference, powered by an inner fire that’s bright enough to illuminate the path of others. So be BOLD and BE THE SPARK!


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