What Sparks You Forward?: Finding Your True Passions & Sticking To Them

Posted: Aug 11 2016

Here we go!

Summer is winding down and excitement about a new school year is beginning to build.

New experiences. New knowledge. New friends. And now it’s time to dive back into what we’re passionate about, but have maybe taken a break from over the past few months.

The thing is, if you’re anything like we are, you’ve kind of enjoyed the break too.

Not that school isn’t fun…it’s just a different sort of fun than the freedom of wide-open summer days, right? It's structured fun and organized growth.

Even if you adore school and all its intellectual stimulation and challenge, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to fit everything in. School can be challenging to prioritize (everything can feel like a priority, right?) and tempting to give in to the pressure of perfection, which is never the SparkFire Girl way.

If comparison can be the thief of joy, then pressure for perfection can be the extinguisher of your SPARK  - your personal interests, passions and outlets.

Here are three fantastic ways we’ve found to fight feeling overwhelmed and save our Sparks (that is, remind us of our passions) when life gets hectic and we feel flat, stretched or over-stressed.

1. We Create a Spark Board :

Similar to a vision board, our Spark Board is filled with words, pictures and reminders of what we are passionate about. Remember though, it’s easy to get tripped up when using magazine or social media images for inspiration. SparkFire Girls don’t want to emulate air-brushed images or lose sight of value in what society labels imperfections. We like to cover our board with reminders of places, friends, family, sports, activities, people that motivate, uplift and encourage us to let our light shine bright.

2. We Seek Women Who Spark :

Identify the people in your life who are real and authentic. Ones who are currently living the kind of passion-filled life you desire. Surround yourself with individuals who still display the Spark you may have temporarily lost (or misplaced?). We become like those we spend the most time with, right? Ask these friends -- young and old, peers and mentors -- how they maintain their SPARK through tiring, stressful or even boring times. You might be surprised how eager people are to share/help/give advice! Speak up, use your voice and let others illuminate your path.

3. We Sit with the Smolder :

We chat a lot about the importance of igniting ideas. As SparkFire Girls, we dedicate ourselves to sparking purpose, passion and momentum in ourselves and in others. But it’s not realistic to always be up up up and go go go. As our fave yoga instructor says: The transition is as important as the pose. Sometimes the best, most beneficial thing for us to do is simply sit with the smolder.  To just pause and focus on calm & awareness in the present moment -- that’s often the path to re-igniting and bringing our Spark back to life.

Try these three tips as now before school demands build back up or perhaps, save them for later in the school year when things really ramp up and the pressure mounts.

Which do you think would work best for you to rediscover your Spark so you can Play Hard and Dream Big?


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