About Us

spark fire girls

Who We Are

We believe there is a fire within every girl, ready to ignite with strength, confidence and passion. Let that light shine bright and BE THE SPARK! We are a Girl-Powered business, so everything we design, make and run is created by and for SparkFire Girls everywhere.

Our SparkFire Girl “Models”

Our “models” are real SparkFire girls – not celebrities, agency models or photo-shopped distortions of themselves, but real girls who truly represent the SparkFire™ spirit. A SparkFire Girl turns her Can’ts into Cans, her Dreams into Plans. She is brave and bold with her life, not because her life is perfect, but because she is perfectly unique.

And because we want every girl to believe that “I am not beautiful like you. I am beautiful like me”, we support and join forces with the Truth in Advertising Act pledging to NOT use images that Photoshop or otherwise deceptively change the shape, size, proportion, color or features of the people (especially girls & women!) in them. To learn more, check out #WhatBraveGirlsWant at The Brave Girls Alliance website (www.BraveGirlsWant.com)

So we hope you’ll see a little of yourself in each picture – girls who spark STRONG, spark SMART, spark CREATIVE, spark FIERCE, spark FUNNY, spark FREE, spark RESILIENT, spark YOU-NIQUE.

If you feel like you – or a friend you know – have a special SPARK to share & let shine, let us know at ignite@sparkfireactive.com

Samantha Hodgkins.

SparkFire Active Founder, Chief Fire Starter

“Beyond all else, my passion is to help girls grow strong, confident and bold in knowing her strength, owning her power, and using her voice to help elevate today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders. Isn’t that what the world really needs?” Samantha’s two daughters, who spark feisty, strong, boisterous, smart, adventurous, spunky and so much more, are the inspiration behind Sparkfire Active. There is a big world out there as they grow in their teen years and beyond, and Samantha knows first-hand how important confident, courageous, creative, bold girls are in making the world a better place! An avid explorer, adventurer and global traveler, her current active lifestyle and her experience as a college athlete allow her to virtually live in activewear, movingly freely and feeling strong inside & out – the same thing she wants for her daughters and teen girls everywhere to feel confident, comfortable and ready to roll out for any workout or adventure. Most important to Samantha is to grow SparkFire a Girl-Powered business, where everything we design, make and run is created BY and FOR SparkFire Girls.

Sizing & Design

We created our unique fit & design to flatter all body types, so you feel confident, comfortable and ready to gear up & get out in every style. Custom-sized and styled for you, ready to roll on any adventure or workout.

How and Where SparkFire Active Products are Made

Our products are designed and developed in the United States, printed with cutting-edge sublimation technology and responsibly hand-made in the Dominican Republic.

We are proud to work only with manufacturing partners who are committed to the ensuring fair labor practices and safe, humane working conditions throughout their supply chains. Yes, we confidently & responsibly know who made our clothes!

What Fabric We Use

Our activewear clothing is designed from high-performance fabric, so has 4-way stretch, is moisture-wicking, breathable, odor-resistant, anti-microbial, quick drying and ready to roll with you on any workout or adventure.

Our garments are made with REPREVE® recycled polyester/spandex fabric – the greenest, most comfortable performance fabric on the market. Made from recycled content like PET water bottles, REPREVE® is a super-soft, super-comfortable, high performance material that fits and performs to the highest standards. The fabric is made from high-end recycled fibers, so we can #TurnItGreen - but all you will feel & see is the soft, supple, comfortable performance fabric that you are accustomed to in other leading high-performance activewear brands.

We work closely with our US-based textile manufacturing partner to offer SparkFire™ performance activewear products using this custom REPREVE fabric blend, which is certifiably sustainable under the U Trust™ Verification system, so that we can stand behind our commitment to sustainability (another way to show the earth a little more love). Unifi Inc., the makers of REPREVE, is an amazing company that we are proud to align with, alongside Patagonia®, North Face ® and other leaders in environmental and social responsibility. Learn more about their mission and the impact they are creating here at www.repreve.com

In addition, all of the inks used to create our garments are the finest eco-friendly inks available in the world, and our state-of-the-art sublimation printing process ensures that your garment will not fade for years. They are water-based and contain no chemicals, contaminants or toxins.

Wash & Care of Your SparkFire Activewear

Our SparkFire™ activewear is made to move, stretch and sweat with you. We recommend following the wash & care instructions on the inside tagless label, to machine wash cold, do not bleach, hang dry and do not iron.

Because of our special dye sublimation printing process, our colors are made to last – they won’t fade, rub or peel off. Best tips for washing include turning your gear inside-out and washing it in cold water on delicate cycle with other synthetic fabrics, then hanging to air dry. Even better, because almost 60 per cent of total water impact and 20 per cent of total carbon emissions occurs when we launder our garments, you can show the earth a little added love when you cold wash and air dry your gear.