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We Are SparkFire Active

Play Hard. Dream Big.

Girls are a force… of energy, voice, collective spirit and heart-felt camaraderie. When we feel confident on the inside, we radiate on the outside. We’re bold. We’re brave. We’re fierce and fearless. We dare to be different and make a difference, powered by an inner fire that’s bright enough to illuminate the path of others.

SparkFire Active was created exclusively for teen girls, with performance activewear designed in just-right styles, colors and custom sizing for life in motion. From working out to adventuring out, SparkFire Active helps girls move freely and feel strong, always ready to step off the sidelines and get your game on.  So Play Hard and Dream Big.

Strong Girls Equals Strong World

We believe in the importance of education. We know educating girls is the single most effective way to positively impact lives. Not only individual lives, but entire families, communities and the world, making significant and long-lasting change.

Each of our small actions—a tiny spark—can make a big impact, igniting opportunity, growth and empowerment for girls everywhere. That’s why we partner with like-minded organizations that are helping today’s girls become tomorrow’s leaders through education. We’re here to Be the Spark.

Let your light shine

SparkFire Girls are real girls. We know true beauty can’t be created with Photoshop. No two SparkFire Girls are identical—in body, mind or spirit—but we share collective energy that connects us to the bigger SparkFire Tribe.

We know a SparkFire Girl because she’s our friend—fun, energetic, spunky, active, strong, creative, boisterous, kind and quirky. Sometimes confident, always unique. Many days she may be loud, bold and brave. Other days she may be quietly introspective. But she’s always strong and resilient with a light that shines for others.

Use your voice

We spark Strong, Smart, Daring, Kind, Brave, Creative, Fierce, Awesome, and so much more. We know our strength, we own our power, and we use our voice. We all have a story to tell and others to share it with. Not beautiful or perfect like the image of someone else; just real and special like each of us.

We’re SparkFire Girls, and we’re ready to ignite.

Let’s get out there and Move, Play, Lead, Create, Share, Inspire, Smile…

Be the spark

Be a Sparkfire girl